Calvaria Gallery and Studio focuses on giving a voice and a venue for lowbrow/pop surrealism, contemporary and dark art.  Yet, don’t let that confine you in a box with certain labels. Art takes on many forms, and that is why from time to time Calvaria will also host shows that step out of the aforementioned genres of art.  I believe good art exists across a very wide spectrum, and it is my duty and dream as director of Calvaria to connect these artworks with the souls that want to bring them home. This will be a gallery that goes against the grain in all the best ways, but will always remain true to its essence.  

I want to thank you for embarking on this journey with me as Calvaria Gallery and Studio brings more great art to New Jersey from local and international artists, making this venue a special treasure in the heart of the Glasstown Arts District.


319 N. High Street, Millville, NJ, 08332

Phone: 856-466-3183 Director: Tania Pomales