Open Calls for Art

HEADSPACE- A Show About Mental Health

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 8 million people a year die from complications linked directly to mental illness.  In an effort to end the stigma associated with discussing these challenges openly and without shame, Calvaria brings to you HEADSPACE, a Show About Mental Health. My goal with this show is to get people to hear our message and start a healthy conversation about how to help people in a way that will not shame them or stifle their ability to face obstacles, grow, use self care, and overcome.

The only theme parameter for this show is to explore the importance of speaking about and depicting the effects of mental illness with the goal of starting a conversation and breaking barriers.  You can draw from your own personal experiences or make it a social commentary on the state of mental health illness wherever you live in the world. You can be dark in your exploration, or you can help bring the light out of that darkness.  How you choose to take on this subject is entirely up to your creativity.


Max size of work (not including the frame- frame size does not matter) is 11” x 14”.  Max entries per artist is THREE (this does NOT mean all pieces will be selected). If you are an artist that likes to work small, please do not be discouraged from entering. Reasonably priced small pieces sell really well here. IF YOU ARE A SCULPTURE ARTIST, please make sure your pieces are wall hangable as our gallery floor space is very limited. 

I am looking for pieces in the $75 to $675 price range.

There is a $5 acceptance fee if your work is chosen for the show. It is NOT per piece. It is per the whole entry, and it is only if you are accepted.  This fee goes to paying for advertising and a musician whenever one may be available. 

Deadline for submission is JANUARY 10TH.

CLEAR, INTERNET READY IMAGES are due by JANUARY 11TH. These are the images I use to update the website for every show, and I do not have the time to take them for you. Please do your part to add them. 

Show opens from 1/17 to 2/24. Each of those dates will have a reception.

Commission rate for this show is 60% to the artist and 40% to the gallery upon any sale. Further information on payment plans, discounts, and insurance policy is available in the consignment form you will receive if your work is selected. 

Artists are responsible for shipping work to and from the gallery. 

Please ship work to:









P.O. BOX 1448


Please ship your work securely like it may travel the deadliest seas or the most treacherous paths.  In the past, I have had work arrive completely broken, and that is always such a hard email for me to send. It’s disappointment all around. 

INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS ARE WELCOME TO APPLY, but please be aware of your shipping policies and times.  PLEASE NOTE IN SUBMISSION TITLE “INTERNATIONAL ARTIST” so that I can make a special note of your submission. 

Please, do not use glue on hangers or glued on string to hang your pieces.  Please do not use sawtooth hangers if your pieces are really heavy. They can fall right off the wall if the sawtooth hanger gives way.  

Screwed in hooks or a combination of screwed in hooks and wire is the safest way to provide hanging elements on your work. If you don’t know how to install hooks and wire, please message me, and I can explain it or assist you with any possible ways of adding hanging elements to your work. 

If your work does not have anything for me to hang it with, I will not display it.  Please be professional about how you present your work: frames with no visible damage, clean glass or plexiglass, secure hanging elements.  You want your piece to look good in the show! 

****INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL AS WELL AS THE CONSIGNMENT FORM (I know it’s a little extra work, but it ensures that I will be able to access your information at any time to make a sale or update website entries):

Your name (or preferred artist name)

Your paypal for payment (or if you cannot do paypal, we can discuss other options)

Title, size, price, and medium of each work.
Also, if you’d like, add a brief description about yourself and your pieces for promo posts on social media

If you have any questions, please email me at or call 856-466-3183.  If I do not answer, leave a message. 

Thank you for considering Calvaria Gallery and Studio as a gallery to display your art. I look forward to working with you.